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Government Agencies related links:

Restoring Meadow, Marsh and Reef (ReMeMaRe)

Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) viewer

Catchment Based Approach Data Hub
This displays ReMeMaRe Habitat Restoration potential layers for Estuary and Coastal habitats

Magic Maps

WFD summary table
Waterbody summary table

Details of the research being undertaken by the US Army Corps of Engineers on tidal inlets can be found at:

Natural England examined the creation of a ‘toolbox’ to assess equilibrium state and looked at a number of case study examples.

JNCC produced a guidance to deal with common standards monitoring (CSM) guidance for the marine environment, which includes advice on the identification of interest features, attributes, targets and methods of assessment.

The National Coastal Erosion Risk shows the coastal baseline,  split to ‘frontages’. These are defined as lengths of coast with consistent characteristics based on the cliff behaviour characteristics and the defence characteristics. It is intended as an up-to-date and reliable benchmark dataset showing erosion extents and rates for three periods: Short Term (0 – 20yr); Medium Term (20 – 50yr); and Long Term (50 – 100yr).

Flood Risk Assessment Wales provides a national assessment of risk flooding from Rivers, the Sea and Surface Water and Small Watercourses. The assessment takes into account flood defences and combines new, national-scale modelling with detailed local-scale models to categories risk into 3 bands, labelled ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ risk.

Project on reviewing and collating historical coastal change evidence to create a methodological framework to document historical coastal change.

Data links:

Channel Coastal Observatory Website

UK hydrographic Office's free online tidal prediction service

WaveNet (Cefas' wave monitoring network for UK)

Available marine datasets in the UK

National River Flow Archive (NRFA)

Biological Records centre for terrestrial and freshwater species

Environmental Information Data Centre

The Water Quality Archive
The Water Quality Archive provides data on water quality measurements taken from sampling points around the country and then analysed to measure aspects of the water quality and / or the environment at that point.

Cefas data portal
Cefas data portal contains datasets (categories: fisheries, plankton, shellfish, remote sensing, bio-chemistry and water column and salinity) available to download.

The Chemical Investigations Programme
The Chemical Investigations Programme (CIP) brings together the 10 large water and wastewater companies in England and Wales with regulators (Defra, the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales) to investigate a range of chemical substances. Data for the Tees, Humber, Mersey, Severn, Southampton Water/ Solent.

The UK centre for Ecology and Hydrology
The UK centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) hold a large database of environmental datasets, including the freshwater dataportal where the UK national river flow archive with real time data is included among others.

ERP research project websites:

Development and Demonstration of Systems Based Estuary Simulators
Development and demonstration of systems-based estuary simulators (ERP2) - GOV.UK (

Review and formalisation of geomorphological concepts and approaches for estuaries
Review and formalisation of geomorphological concepts and approaches - GOV.UK (

Other research project websites:

ComCoast is a European project that develops and demonstrates innovative solutions for flood protection in coastal areas.

FLOODsite is a Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission Project, covering the physical, environmental, ecological and socio-economic aspects of floods from rivers, estuaries and the sea.

The EPSRC funded Flood Risk Management Research Consortium.

OMReG - Online Managed Realignment Guide
A website for information about coastal managed realignment projects in the UK and mainland Europe, which seeks to present the ‘lessons learned’ (both good and bad) from past schemes in order to improve the implementation of future schemes.

Managed Realignment Electronic Platform
This was led by Royal Haskoning. It is delivered by a website available at:

Saltmarsh Management Manual
This was led by Royal Haskoning and has led to an update to the earlier saltmarsh management manual. It is delivered by a website available at:

Coastal Habitat Restoration - Towards good practice

Coastal Habitat Restoration - Jargon buster

‘Promoting best practice in estuary flood risk management’ was an EU transnational project for developing innovative solutions for flood risk management in estuaries.

Other useful links:

UKTAG - Water Framework Directive Site
The WFD-UKTAG is the United Kingdom Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG) supporting the implementation of the European Community (EC) Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC). It is a partnership of the UK environment and conservation agencies. It also includes partners from the Republic of Ireland.

Information about the US Estuary Restoration Act and some information on the principles of restoration can be found at:

Details of the research being undertaken by the US Army Corps of Engineers on tidal inlets can be found at:

Coastal Engineering Manual (US Army Corps of Engineers Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory) can be found at:

Useful process modelling software links:

ICOASST project (integrating COAstal Sediment SysTems)

Example of work done with ASMITA to model morphological interaction to determine the equilibrium state of an estuary

Information compiled by Dr Chris Sherwood (USGS) in circa 2003 as part of the project to develop a Community Sediment Transport Model can be found at:

DHI Water and Environment (MikeZero) -
Surface-Water Modelling System (SMS) -

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